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It seems incredible to me that Susan would have been 97 years old today and was able to collect so many fans - who are still loving her and watching her films. Just going through the internet and especially Youtube, so many people are still writing letters about her and saying she is their favourite star. What pleasure this lady has given to so many people, myself included.

Joanne has written about the birthday party we had in her home some years ago - a very special time for me, particularly to be able to share it with Joanne who loves Susan as I do. I am especially indebted to her for the time we went to New York City and actually met Susan's granddaughter Ally for the day - that was a really magical time for us as Ally was such a lovely young girl and we were so thrilled to meet her.

I think we should all start planning something for Susan's 100th birthday! To be able to meet up on that day would be wonderful and I really think something should be arranged in Los Angeles to show some of her films. Maybe something like the celebration they had in Carrollton in 1989 which Ginger has so kindly posted on Youtube for us all to see.

I just wrote a few lines in honour of Dear Susan today :

Now that it is the 30th of June,
We think of Susan whom we lost too soon.
She enchanted us all with her lovely face,
Her glorious hair and never ending grace.

I am often asked why I admire her so,
When I look at her I feel such a warm glow.
She brings so much happiness into my days,
With the warmth of her smile like sunshine's rays.

Today would have been her birthday,
With 97 candles to light.
So now my respects I wish to pay
Wishing her a Very Happy Birthday tonight.

God Bless You Dear Susan,
You are in our hearts every day.
Our favourite Star forever
Is something I am happy to say.



Trish, I am posting your lovely poem at the facebook page for Susan Hayward.

Thank you! (I think they all feel like they know you over there since I post so many of your photos and the youtube clips you made. :)