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This wonderful message board!

I just want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful things I have been able to learn about Susan, her family, and you her wonderful fans. I am slowly trying to rebuild more books and DVDs since some were ruined or lost during the last move.i have many questions about some of the things I have learned, but I will ask a few at a time. Right now I am having blood pressure problems so I am not thinking straight. My family would tell you that isn't unusual. Just wondered if someone could put a new copy of Susan's Christmas picture from 2013 and let me know where I could get a DVD of Susan's songs done by Ginger.

I am so lucky to have found all of you. I hope Errol is doing better, and many blessings to all of you! Jody

Re: This wonderful message board!

THANKS JODY...so glad you are on here with us! I just got some more bad news on my healing of this bedsore at my tailbone. If it doesn't heal faster than it has been, since I have been home, I will have to have another operation to place a skin graft in there and it would have me down in the hospital for another 6 weeks...unable to get up, turning me from side to side, but keeping me in bed all the time. They were afraid (awhile back) to have me have any more operations for some time, because it had taken so much out of me. I will not know the outcome until the end of Aug on what they are going to do. It has put my spirits on a downhill for right now...but must continue to TRY.

Hope you can find answers to your questions on Susan. You can always email me.
I like hearing from Susan fans and the email is at the top of this post.

Wishing you well...with the blood pressure....it is a very important and scary thing, when you start having problems with it. Please remember that there are people who 'care' about you and wish you the best in getting this under control. I have been there and still having problems with it..with all I have been going through. My prayers are with you.

Re: This wonderful message board!

Thank you for answering me. When I found this I read back through all the messages and noticed you weren't on this as much.,I even mentioned it to Ginger! I will be praying that you get better and don't have to go through surgery. Sometime when I feel better
If you don't mind I will email and tell you about my surgeries and illnesses.
I so enjoy everyone on here. I have watched all of Susan's movies since I was quite young. My mom and I loved her and Judy. I felt terrible when she died also.
Well, I am now buying her books. The gang said that Beverly Linet's book was the best. I have now read it three times. I am reading through the messages to see what I should read next. I think a few people said there was one of the books that gave them nightmares.. I just a soon not read that one.
Please keep us all posted on how you are doing! Love and blessings, Jody

PS I would appreciate if you would tell which book to read next. I like to buy them for my collection, references, and to read them again!

Re: This wonderful message board!

Thanks Jody....and I will 'pug through' even it is going to mean another operation...(but hopefully not!)

On the other Susan books...maybe A STAR IS A STAR IS A STAR might be one to read
If you want a 'completely different' opinion (and the book is full of 'not so nice' things....and who can say what of it is 'real' or made up) is..."RED". Even Tim has mentioned that "RED" as pure 'trash'. I did read it (the last one I have read of the Susan books) but there are a couple that I have never been able to get, so can't answer on 'all books' that have come out. Maybe someone else who has read ALL the books on Susan can give you a better idea on which one would be the next to read. Some are very similar, but the BEVERLY LINET book is still the 'best' in my opinion.

There is one that is not really a book on her....but on the films she did and seemed to me, to be written just as a 'money maker' and it was very bland. You will have to fill in the (blanks) because the book was called THE DIVINE B***H.
NOT very good...but the first one I ever read and got 'nothing' out of it that I hadn't already known from regular movie magazines, at the time and did nothing to tell....about 'who' she was or much about her life in general. It has been years...since I read it...but would never go back and read it again...just very uninteresting. I hear the author put it out, later on, with a different title...but that could be hear-say....Not sure. Just feel he was trying to make 'money' and not really tell anything too interesting about Susan.

Hope someone will direct you to a better knowledge on the books out there. I will always favor LINET'S book. Thought is was well written and told of her, as a person who people would be interested in reading about. Those 'final years' and the suffering will always stay with me.

Re: This wonderful message board!


There was once a CD put out with Susan's songs from WITH A SONG IN MY HEART, I'LL CRY TOMORROW, and SMASH-UP. It doesn't seem available any more. However, she only sang her OWN singing in I'LL CRY TOMORROW and there is a CD with all the music--her singing and background music throughout that is available. So if you only want her own voice, that would be it. (I don't have that one since I do have the c.d. with the signing from the three movies--(Froman did her own singing in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART and dubbed for Susan)

Bill Gerdts

Re: This wonderful message board!

Bill...I used to have the LP of this. When I moved from LA back to Utah it got lost in the move. I didn't know they had put it out on a c/d and would love to get it if it ever shows up!

Re: This wonderful message board!

This cd of Susan's is on sale for the next 17 hours on Susan's e.Bay site.
There are 10 copies available so hope you all read this in time. I expect it
will be put on again if they don't sell all the copies.

Happy Listening - it is a wonderful cd.