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Susan Hayward and TCM.....the mystery!?

Is there a way to learn why Susan Hayward has been overlooked,so long,by TCM classic movies for a tribute as \"star of the month\" festival.

Many other strars with a lesser name ,shorter carreer or impact on the film industry have been rewarded with a month long tribute.Susan is such an obvious choice....but still after so many years ,nothing...why??

I do not think the problem is finding Hayward films enough for a month long tribute since we know that TCM has the copyrighths of enough Hayward films to feature her ias \"star of the month \\\\\\\".

Then ...someone very important at the TCM board must have a dislike at her...maybe even a few persons ....and repeatedly put a veto on her name.

I think we have a right to know the truth. since this situation is painful.

I intend to write a confrontating letter to them with all the right questions concerning their politics and our dear Susan .

It would be great if some of you could write a letter in the same spirit:

\\\\\\\"I'd want the truth\\\\\\\",even if it is a painful one! Don't you want to hear the truth at last too?

Thank you


Re: Susan Hayward and TCM.....the mystery!?

Hi Philippe,

Hope you will get an answer from TCM - it is so frustrating for all Susan's fans. Also hope a lot of people will write in to them.

I can't get TCM on my TV set but we have had a few of Susan's films on TV this year in the U.K. I always try to watch them, even though I have a complete set of her films on DVD and Video - (all except Campus Cinderella.)


Re: Susan Hayward and TCM.....the mystery!?

I think I have probably screamed my last scream in the night about this.

I, along with many others, have been on the TCM message bored regarding this, and have sent notes to TCM over the years. Someone has an agenda, or maybe it's about copyright, or money, or whatever...but it's like beating one's head against the wall to get them to honor the wishes of her many fans...fans that continue to watch and support them.

I hope you can get some feedback from them, Phillipe.

Re: Susan Hayward and TCM.....the mystery!?

It's always been on my mind.....why not...Susan Hayward... she was one of the best.
I've written and written, in fact I still may have the emails I sent them.
I know it is mystery why Susan has been overlooked all these years that's one of the reasons I cancelled my subscription to one of their magazines
"What's Playing" on TV.
Good luck Philippe, and keep us posted.