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If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

I am happy to have the opportunity to share If You Knew Susie by Trish Sharp.

This is a gift from Trish Sharp to Susan Hayward fans and admirers!

This document is over 140 pages and it includes text and photos. It will load fast or slow depending upon the nature of your computer and/or your server. If you have an ipad, iphone, kindle, etc., it should load fast and scroll easily for you.

The link is below. I can't get it into a "clickable" fashion here, so you will need to copypaste it into your browser. If you have trouble doing that, please email me at gingerhaydon@yahoo.com, and I will forward a link you can click.


Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

The expression ' a labour of love' is ( like many expressions) overused and inappropriate at times.

But not here. This is a massive commitment of time and effort and knowledge and the end result is amazingly well done.

Congrats to Trish and to Ginger. A truly impressive tribute.

Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

Kerry, thank you! I'm so glad you could view it!

This is Trish's accomplishment and I have had the honor in sharing in a little bit of it by helping her to get it out to you and others who love and admire Susan Hayward. She has done a lot of compiling, typing, research, and travelling to make this happen.

Labor of love does sound somewhat worn, but as you say, it means plenty in regard to this project, and it shines through.

Thanks again, Kerry!

Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

All I can say is that you are both amazing. This shows just how much you love Susan and her fans.,I am sure Tim loved it too!
You must be so very proud of your accomplishment. We all love you both for it. With love and gratitude, Jody

Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

Thank you, Jody!

Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

Hi Kerry and Jody,

Thank you so much for your comments and I am so pleased to know that you enjoyed my writing on our wonderful Susan. I am so happy to be able to share with her fans. Susan was an incredible lady and actress whom we lost far too soon but she is still alive in our hearts.

Ginger - My grateful thanks to you for putting all my information regarding Susan on to the Internet.


Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp

I'm using Ginger's board rather than your personal email because my
computer will not let me access it. I wanted to let you know how much
I and I'm sure all Susan's fans, appreciate all your efforts and work
to bring this wonderful information to us. I am slowly coming down
from my 'Susan high' and will now try to copy the text with my totally
cooperative printer. I especially enjoyed your inclusion of Susan's
correspondence with friends;wish you had access to more of those. Many
thanks once again.

Re: If You Knew Susie By Trish Sharp


Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that the manuscript is at last "out there" for Susan's fans to enjoy. She was such a unique treasure and deserves more recognition for her films.