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The Spam warning on this board...

I've noticed that perhaps if our posts here only contain a couple of paragraphs that there seems to be less of a chance of a spam warning that won't let us post when we click "post message." So, it might be better, if we have more than that to say, we break it into separate posts -- I tried that a couple of nights ago, and it worked.

I think the spam warning started happening after Amy had alerted me that some unknown person or robot or whatever was posting weird charts and/or messages for a while.

So bottom - line, maybe it would be better to type shorter messages and if you have a longer message, break it up into two or more posts.. sorry, it's a pain, I know. I'll keep trying to figure it out with Bravenet, the message board host.

Re: The Spam warning on this board...

Yes it would be safer I agree to use a couple of posts rather than one lengthy tome. At least while the spam saga flourishes.

Weird though, as there is no consistency. Sometimes it does allow a semi long post with no petulant floor show of rejection. Then it takes a dislike to another of the same length and refuses to accept it- lol.

No great drama. We can get around it

Re: The Spam warning on this board...

Thanks for your patience, Kerry!!...it's aggravating me to no end.. ha