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AFI Top 50 Legends

I ran across the American Film Institutes list of top 50 screen legends. The list entails 25 men then 25 women. I was shocked to find Susan Hayward NOT on this list.

The American Film Institute defines an American screen legend as “an actor or a team of actors with a significant screen presence in American feature-length films whose screen debut occurred in or before 1950, or whose screen debut occurred after 1950 but whose death has marked a completed body of work.”

Having been voted and awarded the top, favorite actress in the entire world award in 1952 along with dozens of other awards, how is she NOT on this list? I found Grace Kelley on this list and she only made about 6 films in her entire career, mostly playing rich socialites. Not much of a challenge considering her bio.

I do not understand the neglect. It to me is a great insult to a truly legendary actress!

Pat McGeorge

Re: AFI Top 50 Legends

Pat, thank you for your post, and yes, it's a mystery why Susan Hayward is not among the top 50...it's mind boggling actually.

Many of us experience the same angst regarding Turner Classic Movies and their
"dismissing" of Susan as Star of the Month.

At least we know she is number 1 with us.

Re: AFI Top 50 Legends

I meant to attach the link to the website where I found the American Screen Legends list:

Pat McGeorge

Re: AFI Top 50 Legends

I only recently discovered the great Susan Hayward by accident. I had DVR'd TCM's tribute to Thelma Ritter and watched "With a Song in My Heart". I had never seen it. What a great movie!

I was overwhelmed by Susan's amazing talent and her great beauty. She was so graceful in her dances and so real when she sang Jane's songs.

I read both of her bio's, BROOKLYN'S SCARLETT by Arcieri and the other from Linet. I loved Arcieri's book! It left a great impression on me and I have not gotten over the amazing life story of this great woman. What a movie it would make!

I had seen 2 of Ms. Hayward's movies as a child in the 60's and enjoyed her then, but had not seen any of her other movies as an adult.

I was delighted to discover your message board and am happy to meet other admirers of this great actress.

Re: AFI Top 50 Legends


Thank you for the AFI website info, and I love it when I hear from people who have discovered Susan Hayward and have gotten bitten by the bug! If you go back through this message board you will learn much more. Also, pleases check out my facebook page for Susan Hayward if you haven't already. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will see the page numbers, and you can work your way back all the way to 2005 if you wish!!!


The facebook page is separate from www.susanhaywardclassicfilmstar.com to which this message board is linked.

Also, check out Trish Sharp's manuscript that we have recently put online for Susan's fans to read...."If You Knew Susie." You can get to the link by clicking on the profile photo at the facebook page. If you have trouble, let me know. Also, I'll post the link here in just a few minutes. It won't be "clickable" here. You will need to copypaste it into your browser.

We are very glad to have you join us here at the message board.

Ginger Haydon

Re: AFI Top 50 Legends/Jf You Knew Susie by Trish Sharp


Here is the url for If You Knew Susie by Trish Sharp. (I think I need to go over to tinyurl.com and see if I can get is shortened... :)