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Patricia Morison

Hi all:

Just wanted to mention that Patricia Morison, a contemporary of Susan's and who knew her when they first started out, will celebrate her 100th birthday on March 19. A recent photo reveals she still looks great, and it is bittersweet to realize that she outlived Susan by so many years.

Re: Patricia Morison

I watched her in an amazing interview on Youtube - still a beautiful lady. She did well for herself but not as well known as Susan became.

Now I have a Tablet I am watching Youtube every night as it is more comfortable than sitting at a computer. Just amazing what you can find on any star and I am enjoying catching up on old films.

Re: Patricia Morison

Will have to check that out. Love YouTube -- it is a goldmine of rare interviews, which I particularly like. It's very addictive too. I have to drag myself away, especially when it gets to be late at night.