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Re: RADIO RECORDING - Susan Hayward and Jess Barker

Ah - good news Elaine. I am glad that you could access the recording and no ill effects. I would say Gloria's pc virus emanated from elsewhere.

Look I do agree with you re Jess' thespian abilities. Perhaps beside a lesser actress than Susan Hayward it would not have been so obvious. He was fine in his roles but would never be listed in the Pantheon of all time great American actors.

Re Heston- I am a massive Chuck fan and while I fully see what you mean when you compare his screen work to some of his contemporaries of the 1950's and 60's, he had that towering majesty and imposing visual and aural screen presence that compensated for the ( usually) one dimensional delivery of his characters.
I think the other reason I continue to hold his work in fond recall is that he formed an indelible part of my youth when going to movies and in titanic roles in massive productions. This was dazzling to me at that age.

Actually it is interesting harking back to such recollections on this particular site. In the 1950's being a callow youth in school and knowing little of the requirements of the noble art of acting, my movie delights were mainly westerns and costumers and historical epics. Sweeping visuals, excitement, adventure.

But even then, I can recall first seeing Susan Hayward in those three types of pics and also Noir and being quite blown away.

It was not her beauty alone ( we had Elizabeth Taylor, Hedy Lamarr, Gene Tierney, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Monroe etc around.)
It was not just her acting skill ( we had Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn, Kim Stanley, Thelma Ritter, Judith Anderson etc around)

There was that indefinable 'thing' when a particular player leaps off the screen and into your mind and heart. You are not sure why but it tends to be a lifetime admiration.

Re: RADIO RECORDING - Susan Hayward and Jess Barker

Kerry-Oops! Open mouth,insert foot. I would pick a fan of Mr. Heston to
make that comment to. Actually,I agree that no one filled the epic roles
like he did and I certainly saw those films and enjoyed them.As for Susan,
my attraction began at age 10 and hit its' stride with "I'll Cry Tomorrow."
Prior to that,I'de liked Betty Grable (yes I'm that old), Vivien Leigh,and
Judy Garland. What a trio! As you said,it wasn't her beauty or talent that
really pulled me in-something else-that can't be defined. It's still there
after 60 years. I wish that she had made better choices with roles after
her second marriage and of course,I wish she had been granted a longer life,although I wonder with her addition problems,perhaps that would not have
ended well. By the way,if you have ever listened to the A&E Biography show
about Susan,I think that when Tim is narrating he sounds just like his dad. Good voice. Wonder if he ever thought about acting!

Re: RADIO RECORDING - Susan Hayward and Jess Barker

Oh no problem at all with mention of Chuck's thespian 'shortcomings'. Despite being an avowed fan, I happily admit that he was no Orson Welles.

His strength lay in his amazing depictions of larger than life historical figures like Moses, Michelangelo, General Gordon, President Andrew Jackson, El Cid, Marc Antony, Cardinal Richelieu and the like.
And his height, build, facial structure and voice gave the required gravitas and imposing stature to the lead roles in movies like 'Ben Hur'- '55 Days at Peking'- 'The War Lord' - ' Planet of the Apes' - 'Counterpoint'- 'The Omega Man' and the like.

Re Susan - I also agree with your observation that had she been granted a longer life ( and we are purely talking career-wise here) her alcohol dependence would quite possibly have sabotaged her work eventually unless somehow she could have reined it in ( as indeed Tim did so effectively. Full praise to him on that score. It must be SO tough initially.)

As to whether he thought about taking up the profession himself? Only he could say, but I also agree that he had a strong and melodic voice with good pitch that would ( presumably) have translated well on screen.

Re: RADIO RECORDING - Susan Hayward and Jess Barker

Radio Program!

Hi Trish and everybody,

Hello everyone! I haven't been on here very much because I was very ill most of the winter. Of course, I have looked at all of this most days! I have tried to get to the Radio Program, and was wondering if one of you could help me. I hope everyone has a Good Easter or Passover, Love, Jody