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Happy Birthday Trish.

Today is Trish's birthday. Have a great Birthday.
Thank you for sharing your collection on Susan, I enjoy them
very much. Love Ray

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

Happy Birthday, Trish! Thank you for all of the wonderful photos and info that you have shared with us over the years. We enjoy them daily.

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

Thank you both - I have a broken arm so can't type much!

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

So sorry about the broken arm, Trish. I broke my right arm a couple of years ago. It was at the top around the shoulder area, so thankfully I could still use my fingers to type.. must be frustrating and I know it is painful. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

It sounds as if the best birthday present you could receive this year would be swift, speedy and rapid healing of that arm Trish- so I wish you that.

Hope your day was pleasant considering.

Many happy returns..


Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

Happy Birthday dear Trish! So sorry about your arm. I broke my right leg three years ago which was my last year of teaching. It was a long healing process. My daughter had to help me shower, dress, and also take me to school. I hope you heal quickly. God Bless, j

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

Happy Birthday plus, Trish.

Really sorry you broke your arm.

(I never did--only a couple of foot bones. And with a steel boot they healed well)

But you can still type and add here and that's what counts. Just drop the bungee jumping until you heal well.


Just read that Don Mankiwiecs (spelling wrong but not looking it up) died--he directed/adapted Susan's I Want To Live. Still harrowing.

Re: Happy Birthday Trish.

Many thanks to all of you for your Good Wishes.
I have been unable to type without a lot of pain but plaster cast is off now so lots of physiotherapy ahead!!

Thanks again.