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Susan Hayward/TCM Star of the Month/Profile and Schedule of Films

It's finally here! TCM's tribute to Susan Hayward as Star of the Month/September.... !!!!!!!!!

We have waited a long time, haven't we? !

I'm so thrilled for her family and fans!

Copypaste the url below or click the website icon below -- should take you to the profile of Susan at TCM's website, and on the right hand side of the page you will see the dates and times of the films that will be shown.

Ah, happiness!

Ginger Haydon


Re: Susan Hayward/TCM Star of the Month/Profile and Schedule of Films

I am so pleased for all of you in the U.S.A. who are able to view this wonderful collection of Susan's films. Hopefully, a lot of the younger set will catch some of them too and become lifelong fans of this wonderful and exquisite looking lady who could out-act all of the so-called Stars.

It has been a long time in coming but at last Susan is Star of the Month and I am so thrilled. Unfortunately, I won't have the privilege of viewing BUT I have all her films on DVD and Video so I can see her any time.

Watching ADA for the umpteenth time yesterday I noticed something I had never seen before - the scene where Susan comes down the stairs wearing a green scarf, takes it off and leaves it in some greenery at the bottom of the stairs!! I am amazed I haven't seen her discarding it before!

It is a joy to me to see any Susan Hayward film and I cherish the day I first saw her when I was a little girl, in My Foolish Heart. She seemed to leap out of the screen and into my heart and has stayed there forever. It is heart warming to know she has so many fans that love and adore her as I do.

I would like to thank Ginger for running the sites to honour Susan and to make my booklet IF YOU KNEW SUSIE available for anyone who is interested in knowing more about this incredible lady who has certainly made her mark on this world and brought so much happiness to so many of us.

God Bless You Dear Susan.