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Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Florence Marrenner and her daughter
Lived in my mothers home. She worked
For my mother, who had a board and care
Home in Los Angeles. I remember hearing
The stories from my mother about the sad
Relationship between Florence and Susan
The daughter ( whose name I think was Mary) was
Very sweet and they were both treated well
By my mother who helped them. Florence and her
Daughter resembled Susan. Florence's daughter
Had bright red hair and freckles and all the same features.

Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Thank you for the information Hope - very interesting to know that Florence worked for your mother. I believe her daughter was called Moira. I wonder where she is now. It would be nice to know more about her and to know she is doing all right. Always such a shame when family members do not get along although I suspect there are many reasons when things like that happen.


Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Hi all:

Moira Dietrich is still living in California and has a Facebook page, altho I don't think she's very active on it. She also has a business called M. Marrenner Dietrich and Co. I found a recent photo of her and will try to post it here.


Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Thanks for the information Jill - now I am wondering if Moira's brother Larry is still alive.