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"Buy me and my children" pleads Susan Hayward's sister.

I just came across a cutting in one of my Susan scrapbooks - it is the front page of the "National Insider" dated July 8, 1962 with the heading "BUY ME AND MY CHILDREN". There is a picture alongside of Florence pushing Moira in a push-chair and a smaller one of Susan with her Oscar. Florence's son Larry would have been around 18 at this time so that probably caused a lot of embarrassment to him and of course, to Susan. So sad when family members are at war with each other.

I thought this might be of interest to readers of the Board.

Re: "Buy me and my children" pleads Susan Hayward's sister.

While it would almost certainly be a grab for money and a form of public relations blackmail on Florence's part, those often scurrilous and pulpy gossip mags back then used to pay ( sometimes considerable amounts) to people for dramatic stories and exposés.

I doubt their roving scandal staff would have been aware of her as she played no part in most of Susan's adult life - but maybe she approached them with a juicy tabloid tale of the tragic sister and children on Welfare while the rich and famous sister lolled in Hollywood luxury....sort of thing.

She would have been paid for the story and the pram-pushing photo - and if it either discomfited Susan or even resulted in her giving money to Florence to dispel any negative publicity, then so much better ( from Florence's viewpoint I mean. )