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I wanted to get on here at 3am...but the computer would not stop giving me grief. I had to get ready to go for my 4th leg surgery (minor) so I didn't make it on until now.

How much I look forward to June 30th each year, so I can send a special message to Susan on her birthday. I will be watching one of her movies tonight, in her honor and have chosen I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE. She looks stunning in this film and I love her long hair. A very good role for her.

I now have almost all of her films right on my tv...so I can choose from so many that were on TMC when they (finally) honored her as the STAR OF THE MONTH. I got all of those films at that time, so now they are just one click away anytime I want to watch her. (which is a lot).

I will send Ray Garcia a birthday wish on his facebook...but this site is for SUSAN...so I want to make this one just for her. (I'm sure Ray will understand.)

To SUSAN and all her fans....A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY....DEAR SUSAN.

(And a special 'thanks' to Ginger for having this site for all of us to enjoy and continue to love our 'lady'.) (also...sorry Trish...because of health problems I have not been able to reply to your lovely email..but give me time. I was so happy to hear from you.)