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Poems for Susan

It was in Brooklyn 99 years ago
When a baby arrived
Determined to show
The whole world
That she mattered.

Her many admirers
Far flung and scattered
Through many countries,
Would gaze in delight
At Susan Hayward -
A truly awesome sight.

To watch her up there
On the silver screen,
With her glorious red hair
She just had to be seen.
With such beautiful eyes,
She seemed more like a dream.

People would stand
For many an hour
To see this Goddess
Who had such power
To enter their hearts
And stay there forever.

She eventually won
The top prize of all
An Oscar no less
To put by her wall,
A welcome addition
To all her awards.

Now we who are left
Sometimes feel quite bereft
But she gladdened our hearts
In so many ways
That we'll love and adore her
'Till the end of our days.


For Susan's 93rd Birthday.

She started life as Edythe all those years ago.
A determined little girl who wanted to show
She could make it on her own and have fame in sight,
Not knowing of the conflicts she eventually would fight.

Hollywood beckoned and she was on her way,
To a better life there - so she decided to stay.
Her name was now Susan and she reached the very top,
After proving without doubt she was the pick of the crop.

By 1953 she was voted "World's Most Popular Star"
By fifty different countries, both near and afar.
How proud she would have been with "Henrietta" in hand,
To realize we all thought she was the best in the land.

What was she thinking up there on the screen
As she played many parts in scene after scene?
She took her craft so seriously, it showed in her roles
As she entered our hearts and even our souls.

Time went on and after being a wife and a mother,
Little children arrived who would call her "grandmother".
The bad days were behind her or so she then thought
But there was still a major battle ahead to be fought.

She was such a brave lady in her final years
And we who love her so are still shedding tears.
God Bless You Dear Susan - I am really proud to say
You enrich my life immensely so Happy Birthday today.