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Many of Susan's fans are meeting once more
On an internet site for the lady they adore.
To celebrate her life and give thanks for her birth,
95 years ago today, a Special Day on earth.

What was it about her which made us love her so?
She had our admiration which continued to grow.
We saw all the films she made as the years were passing by
Enjoying each and every one especially those which made us cry.

She had a secret little smile which encompassed every fan,
Which made us love her all the more, each woman and each man.
We really didn't know her, just bits and pieces of her life,
We cheered at all her triumphs and were sad when she had strife.

This lady whose name was Susan has been so much a part of our living
In ways SHE could never imagine, yet still she carries on giving
Through her photos and her films we are still so aware
Of a very special person, now in God's tender care.