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Susan's anniversary has come around once more
And I strive to write comments on the lady I adore.
What can I say that hasn't already been said
About Susan, Edythe and sometimes even "Red".

Her determination to succeed led her to scale the height
In a place called Hollywood - she worked with all her might.
She had reached the very top as she ran to the Stand -
So very happy at last to hold "Oscar" in her hand.

I was so thrilled for her that night and excited she had won,
A rightful recognition for all the hard work she had done.
I continued to watch her up there on the screen,
Even in mundane parts - you will know the ones I mean!

She was so beautiful to see and I hung on every word,
But as time went on a real tragedy occurred.
Susan was terminally ill but what a fight she fought
She wanted to live and life was what she sought.

Now On the 14th March, thirty seven years having passed
I'd like to remember her and all the fans that she amassed.
To pay my respects and keep her memory living on.
She is here in our hearts until we ourselves are gone.


SUSAN HAYWARD - 14th March 2013

We all remember the sad day
When we lost our favourite star.
So many years ago now
But she is still cherished from afar.

Susan ... how well I remember
When I first saw her on the screen.
And I just adored every scene.

I was just a young child
All those years ago
When I discovered her talent
And I really loved her so.

Susan had my admiration
Right from the very start.
This continued all my life
As she is always in my heart.

She was an underrated Star
And well ahead of her time.
So very beautiful when young
And more so in her prime.

She has gone from this world
But high in heaven above -
I know Susan looks down on us
And feels all our love.