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The Susan Hayward Classic Film Star Website

Hi everyone,

This message is in regard to my original website, Susan Hayward Classic Film Star, which has been online since circa 1998.
I have reworked it and renamed it once or twice over the years as I recall.

A couple of years ago, yahoo hosting transferred to another host. This new host automatically took over my site. It's still intact and functioning well to the viewer I believe, but since the change, I have not been able to edit the site. Therefore, I can't change things around from time to time, post different pictures, change links, or edit typos (which I hope there aren't too many). The only solution to the editing problem is to build a new site from scratch. I haven't found the right host with a format I want to use yet, so I'm just keeping it online as is for now. I'm proud of it, and it's my labor of love for Susan.

I just wanted you to know the situation in regard to the website, and I'll leave it like it is until or unless I decide to make changes. I will keep you posted.

Of course, I also have the Facebook page for Susan. There are over 10,000 likes at that page. It's exciting to see the interest in Susan Hayward there, and I try to post daily. Also, people can comment and post.


Just touching base, checking in, and letting you know a few things that have been going on regarding the original website.