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Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

Susan was incredibly beautiful in this film and particularly showed off her gorgeous hair - especially in the outdoor scenes. One of my special favourites.
There will never be anyone to come near her in looks or acting ability.
She even had a perfect profile. We certainly lost a treasure when she left us but fortunately are still able to enjoy her films. I have every one she ever made.

Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

Glad to,have it again...
Don't think I have seen this film.

Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

Susan's feature's were flawless......Her beauty was perfect in every sense.
One word I have to say about our Susan....she was "GORGEOUS" There is not or ever was another actress to compare to Susan's beautiful face.

Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

I completely agree Ray. The Angels certainly bestowed their magic on her (after her parents genes of course) and we are so lucky reaping the benefit of being able to see her whenever we choose (which I know is often in your case and certainly in mine too).
Canyon Passage shows her beauty to perfection especially with the richly coloured long hair.

Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

" Canyon Passage shows her beauty to perfection especially with the richly coloured long hair."

Yes I completely agree. Many of those ' adventurers'/ westerns / historicals she made during the 50's in colour highlighted that strongly. ' Tap Roots'-
' David and Bathsheba'- ' Garden of Evil' - ' Untamed' all showcased the titian locks in their tumbling glory.

But I confess the two from the 50's era that I most clearly recall as stunning me senseless at the time by the brilliance of her long hair style were 'Demetrius and the Gladiators' and the ill-fated ' The Conqueror'. While that may well have been an appallingly bad movie by film quality standards and be dismissed by 'serious' critics as trashy ever since its debut on screens back in 1956, her hair was glorious.

( Had ' Rawhide' been made in colour I suspect that one may have joined the list as well!! )

Re: Susan/Photo/Canyon Passage

I completely agree with you Kerry. Susan's hair was so thick and rich that it would lend to any hair style but particularly the longer look, just glorious (I love the word glorious!) Such a shame that "Rawhide" wasn't in colour.
I actually love "The Conqueror" - music wise it is beautiful too and Susan was sensational in it. Of course, she was sensational in everything!