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Tentative Offering

Gloria and Trish tend to have a propensity for verse composition. I tend not. But on an occasion such as what would have been the century birthday, I feel I should add my lesser contribution.


Things I Learned from Susan Hayward


Adam and Eve conceived in Eden

Cain and Abel were the ones.

But Susan Hayward told me

That ‘ Adam Had Four Sons’.

I know “ They Won’t Believe Me’ she said

But “ I’d Climb the Highest Mountain” you know.

So I went along with her

And saw the ‘Snows of Kilimanjaro’

An Oscar for ‘I Want to Live’

Saw her as ‘The Conqueror’ of Hollywood that night

For playing the ‘Untamed’ Barbara Graham

Susan’s “ Saxon Charm” was just right.

Her “ Marriage–Go-Round” with Jess had ended

“ Where Love Has Gone” nobody knew.

But she found it again with Eaton

“And Now Tomorrow” could begin anew.

But the deadly hot sands of Utah

Were not safe like the sands of “ Beau Geste”

They were a desert “ Garden of Evil”

That poisoned this “ Woman Obsessed”

The “ Stolen Hours “ of her life were taken

No “ White Witch Doctor” could find a cure.

“ Demetrius and the Gladiators” and even “Jack London” tried

Such was her magical allure.

Had she been more fortunate

And not been taken so soon

She would have turned 100

On the 30th June.

But this “ President’s Lady” is not forgotten

And remains in “ My Foolish Heart”

Where she always is remembered

And will always be a part.

We wish that like Livvy de Havilland

She had become one hundred years old

But it was simply not to be.................

“ Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole”.

Re: Tentative Offering

Thank you, Kerry. That is creative and beautiful.

Re: Tentative Offering

Thank you Kerry,

I love your poem, very cleverly done honouring Susan's 100th birthday.

Re: Tentative Offering

Thank you, Kerry, for that beautiful tribute on the occasion of Susan's 100th birthday. You were so eloquent and creative in using Susan's many screen performances to honor her in such a unique way.

Re: Tentative Offering

Nothing "lesser" about it, Kerry. You said it the way you felt it. Nicely done.

Re: Tentative Offering

Thank you to all for the kind words. Perhaps we are our own harshest critics but I still feel that the poems from Gloria and Trish ' flow better' as it were. I have always found my attempts at verse composition to be clunky and awkward at times.

But as they say in so many instances- ' it is the thought that counts' and it is not about the fact that I will never be a Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson. It is all about Susan Hayward and the remarkable effect she appears to have had on so many people from all walks of life and in many diverse countries. Sad of course that she is not ' Among the Living' for what would have been her achievement of the age ton. But her body of work will outlive all of us anyway.

Thank you all again