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Re: I'll Cry Tomorow

Hey Jill--

I'm old enough that I remember Lisa Kirk as Lola Lane in Kiss Me Kate and Allegro. Wonderful performance--but of course, Ann Miller stole the movie version with her dancing.

BUT for dramatic actress doing the whole singing numbers in movie,I've got another


And come to think of it while Garland was a musical star, her performance in A STAR IS BORN was not a musical performance per say but a dramatic feature--in which she did do all the signing.

Re: I'll Cry Tomorow

Good for you, though--totally right after Jean Simmons and I'd not thought (or probably ever known!) about that! Still, Susan's contribution was exceptional, since her musical ability dominated the picture and, at lest for me, made me wish she had done more dramatic musicals (even her mediocre number in Valley of the Dolls ought to have been actuallly hers).

Re: I'll Cry Tomorow

And yes, Simmons did sing two numbers in GUYS AND DOLLS but she really wasn't the "singer" of the movie--more Blaine, Johnson, Sinatra.