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Re: June 30 - Susan's birthday

I am so happy to find this message board. I guess I am not alone for the love of this beautiful woman. When I was a child I would watch movies with my wonderful grandmother we both especially loved Susan Hayward. A very vivid memory was the movie a song in my heart. My grandmother had a beautiful voice and knew every word of those songs. I was just googling Susan Hayward this morning, not sure why she popped into my head but, found this message board and wanted to say it is so lovely to see people appreciate those marvelous actors of that generation. She definitely left a song in my heart. Regards, Patricia Mclaughlin

Re: June 30 - Susan's birthday

Hello Patricia...

Thank you for your message on Susan's birthdate. I am glad you found the message board. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the numbers of back pages. It goes back many years. You might find it interesting reading.

If you are on Facebook, I have a fan page for Susan there, and we share a lot of photos and information.


And my original site links to this message board...


Thank you, again.

Ginger Haydon