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March 14 - Remembering Susan Hayward

On March 14, 1975, Susan Hayward passed away after a long illness. Most of us here remember where we were that day when we heard the news. Susan didn't believe that she would be remembered, but how wrong she was! Here and at my
Facebook page for Susan we remember her with love each and every day, but especially today.

To reach my Facebook page for Susan, please go to www.facebook.com/susanhaywardclassicfilmstar.

Also there are several lovely group tributes to Susan by her fans which you can reach by a Facebook search, and there are many lovely slideshows at youtube which honor and remember Susan. Just do a youtube search and they should pop right up.

She has not been forgotten in any sense of the word. Thank you, Susan.....

Re: March 14 - Remembering Susan Hayward

Indeed not forgotten. I am aware of your extensive Facebook page Ginger. Between this lovingly created website and your Facebook endeavours, coupled with the generous input of material from so many devoted fans that can be shared, Susan Hayward will certainly not be forgotten.

Thanks for all your efforts...............

Re: March 14 - Remembering Susan Hayward

Thank you so much, Kerry, and it's really good to hear from you!