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Errol Jones

Errol Jones passed away on April 14, 2019. I just heard the news today. Errol was a great fan of Susan Hayward. He had seen her twice in person. Once, backstage after her appearance on The Joey Bishop Show, and he had also seen the live performance of Mame in Las Vegas.

Errol provided many photos for my original website for Susan - www.susanhaywardclassicfilmstar.com and for my Facebook page for Susan...www.facebook.com/susanhaywardclassicfilmstar. I have always appreciated his generosity and kindness in sharing.

Errol was an actor, and had performed in Hollywood for a while, and then he worked in theater in the Hurricane, Utah area.

Thank you, Errol, for always lovingly sharing your photos of Susan and your stories in general. One can go back to earlier posts here at the message board and read Errol's messages, Rest in peace

....With affection and love

Re: Errol Jones

Thanks for that news Ginger. I recall Errol very well. We corresponded regularly some years back but I lost touch when his health began failing badly and he spent much less time online.

His two great claims to Haywardian fame, that he had actually seen Susan Hayward in person twice would not be matched by many of us on here.

Re: Errol Jones

Kerry, thank you for your remembrance. I was very sad when I heard about Errol's passing. One of his family members is on Facebook, and I was thankful to be able to express my condolences there.