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got to tell Dad

i am the youngest son of Gregory Barker and i was just introduced to this awesome site about my grandma. It is inspiring to know so many people are still keeping her memories alive.


Re: got to tell Dad

Hi Dan..

Thank you so very much for entering your message. You are the first of Susan Hayward's family to contribute to the message board. Tim, however, has
signed the guestbook a couple of times, and his comments were very much appreciated. Your grandmother is remembered, loved, respected, and appreciated by so many people. How proud you must be of her! I will touch base with you soon via email.
Thank you again for your message......Ginger Haydon

Re: got to tell Dad

Dear Dan:

I've often wondered why I never read anything from Gregory Barker or his children about your grandmother. Of course, I thought part of the reason might have been the desire for privacy, which I do respect. However, knowing that she was a good mother to her children, as Timothy had indicated, and that she was very proud of your father when he graduated from veterinary school, I had to believe that your dad also loved her very much, even if he preferred to keep those feelings personal.

You can be sure that there are many of us who loved your grandmother for the strength of character that showed in her many film roles. But we also respected the fact that she was a loving mother to her children.

As Ginger has said, you should be -- and I know you are -- very proud of her.

Re: Re: got to tell Dad

Hi Dan,
Nice to 'Meet" a member of her family. Tell us a litte about yourself.

Re: Re: Re: got to tell Dad

HI Dan....I was...and still am...a very devoted fan of your grandmother. I gave many pictures to Ginger to be shared on this site with all of the other fans of Susan. Sorry I have been so long away from the site, but Ginger knows that I have been busy as an actor this last summer. Thank you for replying and telling us who you are. Would love to know how..or..
who told you about the site...Much love to all of you in Susan's family....Errol Jones