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Re: Maggie Smith interview

Hi, Amy!

That superb interview with Maqgie Smith (another on my list of favorite British actors), was such a treat! Instead of the usual rather mundane articles, containing mostly 'facts and figures', the interviewer delved into Maggie Smith's thoughts and feelings about life......and how quickly it passes. A subject that many of us reflect upon--but rarely discuss publicly! And her hoped-for objective, to continue to bring happiness to both herself and to her future audiences, leaves us feeling almost as buoyed-up, as SHE!

Thanks, Amy, for pointing us towarda such a wonderful 'read'!!


Re: Maggie Smith interview

Your welcome, Lynn.

I think Maggie Smith can be candid in interviews.
She once told 60 Minutes that she never watches Downton.
That's so, she doesn't end up second guessing herself
on how she could have played a scene.

Re: Maggie Smith interview

Excellent article/interview... thanks, Amy...I very much admire Maggie Smith's durability and talent. Her work appears to keep her going, and that's a good thing.

Re: Maggie Smith interview

I can still remember the first time I watched Maggie Smith in The Prime of Miss Jean Brody. The way she played her role may have seemed too 'mannered' to some---but I thought her acting was brilliant. She completely caught the complex character of this woman who was indeed in her 'prime'!!

I may have watched the film about 6 times now---but I never get bored with it! I can still hear Maggie Smith's lilting, rolling Scottish accent as 'Jean!


PS I think the film may be on Youtube, now.

Re: Maggie Smith interview

You're welcome, Ginger.

I've watched only bits and pieces of Jean Brodie, Lynn.
But those parts were memorable.

I think Maggie is in a new film.
I'll have to check for it, and will post a link if I find it.
And then of course -- she'll be in Downton, in two