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Re: Judi Dench

Hi, Amy,

I just saw the article you put up about Judi Dench---another well-known and well-loved British actress, who we just don't hear of or see enough of in America.

I knew someone who had macular degeneration, and it is a very scary, depressing eye disease. I had no idea that Judi D. suffered from it.

I was just thinking, as I looked at her photos, that she looks terrific. Her face always had so much character---and it hasn't changed!! When I lived in England in the 70's and early 80's, I watched the series she did and many of her performances. And she doesn't look any older to me!

Not that looks are important--but I would certainly know her face anywhere!

As always, Amy, thanks so much for remembering which of the British actors I have always enjoyed watching--and following their lives. They all have an intelligence that comes right through, no matter what role they play!!

all my best, Lynn