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Re: Diana Rigg: From 2011 Interview video

Amy - thanks again for your terrific leads to websites that give me the chance to see what I'm sure I'd miss if it weren't for you!

What I love so much about Diana Rigg's live interviews is how she laughs so much, because I know that I do the same thing when I am talking with people I'm relaxed with (or sometimes when I'm nervous, as well, which brings out my habit of TENSE laughter!). Anyway, her laughs and her smiles are so natural and they always have me laughing right along with her! She'd certainly make a good friend, who would share my sense of humor!

I just LOVED the image of her mother sitting there and answering her daughter's love letters from young men 'burning with passion' for the 'Emma Peel' of their dreams!

And I had not known that the character of "Emma Peel" was originally planned to be, perhaps, an "EAMON Peel"--a fellow!! Says a lot about our society that when Diana R. played the role, with no script change because of gender, that, suddenly, the traits of being 'capable', 'forceful', 'fearless' with great intelligence and a quick wit--made the public see her as a real 'leader' of independent women! Whereas, these traits in a man would have been just 'assumed'--not 'hailed' as a symbol of a new, budding feminism, which would finally help women achieve equality! Society saw (and, in many cases, STILL see) such a division between the two sexes!!

Thanks again, Amy! I shall 'copy and paste' all your tips, so that I will not have to rely on my miserable memory! I thoroughly enjoyed this lively interview.