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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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Streets and mobility issues......

The City of Toronto Streets!!! There was a bad snowstorm on January 26th, 2004, could someone tell me why the streets in Toronto are STILL impassable in places? Sherbourne St. for instance between St. James Avenue and Wellesley on the East side and from Wellesley down to 410 Sherbourne on the west side. Why is that? And on Wellesley from Bleecker St. until Sherbourne forcing disabled to take their scooters or wheelchairs out into vehicle traffic to either motor up to the corner or cross the street where there is no sidewalk! There are still places on Bloor St. and on Bay St. and on Yonge St. in the downtown core of the city that have sidewalks not cleared yet or ramps still buried in snow from the plows plowing the roads clear for cars. Wheeltrans can't even park in their loading zone in front of my building thanks to city road cleaning! Thank you city of Toronto. Let me add that we, the disabled of this city, sincerley look forward to your cost cutting efforts next year as we hear you are going to stop clearing sidewalks altogether! Should put us right in our place right? Shut inside!

Re: Streets and mobility issues......

Hi.... I went by two of those streets today and they were horrid. Almost tipped my scooter a couple of times. I wasn't too amused. On the way out I took Wellesley (north side of the street) from Bleecker to Sherbourne and almost tipped. There were huge blocks of ice, inches deep in places with big holes on either side of them. Then I went down Sherbourne on the west side of the street and again, almost tipped over due to poorly or non cleared sidewalk. Lots of ice chunks there too and very small pathways, more or less wide enough where people have beaten the path while walking in the same place one after another. This continued until past the first pedestrian crosswalk. It's outrageous that the streets are still like this at this point. They aren't cleaned at all. On the way back to prevent the possiblilty of toppling over my scooter I went very slowly until I got to the crosswalk (which is a point and cross crosswalk) and played dodge the traffic there because cars seem to ignore those kinds of pedestrian crosswalks since there are no lights, and then I had to go down the south side of Wellesley St. instead of tackling the north side again with all it's ice chunks and holes, and cross across Wellesley south to north at the corner of Bleecker at 4:30 pm, pretty much in rushhour traffice. Oh joy, oh joy. This city needs to get it together when it comes to clearing sidewalks and ramps!