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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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The wonderful world of Wheel-Trans

Don't ya just love wheeltrans? Yeah yeah, I know, we should be grateful we have a service to take us to and from places. Why? The rest of the population has public transportation why shouldn't we? Too bad this system sucks so bad though.

Here's a good example of regular blunders from wheeltrans. My mother has a doctor appt at the hospital at 2:30 pm so she booked the wheeltrans. She was oh so lucky to get that **** zone bus. This means she has to wait outside in this weather for anywhere up and past 30 minutes depending on where the bus is picking her up from. Today she's lucky, theres a lobby she can wait in but regardless, it's still cold there because the doors are constantly being opened.

Anyway, her appt is 2:30 her zone bus pic up is between 1:25 and 1:55 pm. so she has to wait in the cold from 1:25 until the zone bus picks her up. She's 78 years old and disabled and out of the hospital only a month. It is now 2:48 pm and guess what? Still no wheeltrans bus. She called them and they told her they were running a half hour late! Why? The weather is fine, no snowstorm is raging out there, just **** cold.

Now she has the receptionist at the hospital ******** at her because she's late for her hospital appt and still no wheeltrans. They are almost an hour late. The appt is with a specialist..... if they cancel it on her due to the late bus it will be months before she can get another one.

Welcome to the wonderful and consistantly crappy world of Wheeltrans......