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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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Sucks. I had a ride the other day that was so late that by the time he got to me and got me buckled in he discovered that by the time he got me to where I needed to be for an appt that the return bus would have been there and gone! Needless to say, that appt. got trashed.

Re: wheeltrans

Hi George, I hate to say it but I've heard this story serveral times from other riders as well. Matter of fact my own mom had the same problem recently as well and it was an important appt. she had to miss.

Last year, early November, she was robbed of her wallet while shopping. Yes, there are low lifes out there that steal from elderly disabled that are bound to a scooter. Anyway, everything went, including her O.H.I.P. card. She got tried a couple of times to get a ride with wheeltrans to get a new card but couldn't get a ride both ways and it's way too far to scooter plus this winter was too brutal. Anyway, she managed to make it once and was refused a new card because she didn't have a birth certificate! (it was stolen too). She came home with a temp card that expired early Feb/04. All the snow hit, she couldn't get to get a new birth certificate, she got ill, ended up in hospital, took considerable time to recouperate, more really bad snow, finally she found a court certified copy of her birth certificate and was told they have to accept it so she was off again to try to get her O.H.I.P. card. Her temp one has now expired. That was the appt she had to miss thanks to wheeltrans being so friggin late.

She finally made it a few days later however our lovely gov't offices would not accept a certified copy from the courts!! So... she still has no O.H.I.P. and hopefully doesn't need to see a doctor because she's still too ill and disabled to be running back and forth all over the place and has been told it will take a couple of months to get a new birth certificate even if she could get up there tomorrow. Btw, there is a new process for a birth certificate, you better really know your family history and have someone available (lawyer/doc/etc) that can certify that it's actually you filling out the forms!