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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum

Welcome to our forum.
Feel free to post a message if you are disabled, or a friend or caregiver or family of a disabled person.
If you have encountered a problem, and/or just need to vent, be our guest.
If you would like to tell us your story, we have a blog you can join at "Disabled in Ontario Blog".

*PLEASE NOTE* - This is a forum, not a place for free advertising. DO NOT post ads for affiliate programs or commercial/business websites or even your website if you sell anything. If found, IP #'s will be taken and hosting servers as well as ISP's will be sent a letter of complaint.

Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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another welcome

I see we've had a few posts. Thank you. Please feel free to pass this site and or this forum around to friends. The more the merrier. I've also been considering adding a new section concerning products on the market (new and old) that are not 'friendly' for disabled to open or utilize. If you have a comment on this idea please post about it.