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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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Canada Blooms!!! Gardening show is not for the disabled.

Interesting. I saw an add for Canada Blooms a gardening show at a convention centre in downtown Toronto. You can see the info at: I thought since this was in the downtown core of Toronto it would be a nice way to spend part of a day. We could scooter there considering the weather lately.

What a surprise I got when I went to the website and read the small print and details. ok..... this obviously isn't for disabled although we do have homes and gardens!!! Even if our gardens are only on our balcony's, we do like this kind of thing.

First off, the price of entry is ridiculous. $15.00 prebought or $18.00 per person if the ticket is bought at the door. Now, since a lot of disabled aren't quite sure what they are going to be feeling like from day to day they would do the 'at the door' purchase. $18.00 is a huge amount of money for someone on Ontario Disability!

Next..... I loved this... it stated that the convention centre is TOTALLY wheelchair accessible!!! HOWEVER..... some of the gardening venues are not! How many aren't? Are we suppose to pay our $18.00 at the door or $15.00 prebooked ticket only to find out that we can only access two of the displays?

oh.. btw, if you want you can use one of their wheelchairs if you need to, HOWEVER.... like a lot of places these days, it's first come first served, you CANNOT book the wheelchair. So in other words, you get your ride there, or pay for a taxi (or drive there and pay for parking), you then pay for your ticket in, only to find out once inside there are no wheelchairs available!!

These places simply don't have a clue.