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Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum

Welcome to our forum.
Feel free to post a message if you are disabled, or a friend or caregiver or family of a disabled person.
If you have encountered a problem, and/or just need to vent, be our guest.
If you would like to tell us your story, we have a blog you can join at "Disabled in Ontario Blog".

*PLEASE NOTE* - This is a forum, not a place for free advertising. DO NOT post ads for affiliate programs or commercial/business websites or even your website if you sell anything. If found, IP #'s will be taken and hosting servers as well as ISP's will be sent a letter of complaint.

Toronto Mobility
disabled/caregiver's forum
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Paid Focus Group Discussion In Toronto For Caregivers

EMRS (e-Style Market Research Services) is currently conducting a paid focus group discussion for caregivers involved with people who have visual, auditory, and cognitive disabilities. The group discussion will pay you $75 in cash for 2 hrs of your time on Wednesday, March 23rd @ 8:00PM, 2005. The location of the focus group will be held on Spadina Ave in Toronto, ON. If you are interested in participating in the focus group please contact me as soon as possible either via email: or ph: 403-668-0455.

Thank you,

Wayne Lau
Analyst: Marketing and Advertising
1711 4th St. S.W
Calgary, AB