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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Story Time 7 - Power of Word

This is a story of a Sufi master, a healer.

He goes into this household one day where there is a sick child, and there are people gathered around. He goes over and he passes his hand over the child and he says some sacred words, a kind of prayer, and he says, "Now you will be healed."

The parents are very grateful, but a really disbelieving and somewhat aggressive man says, "How can you heal a child just by saying some words, all this healing and this spiritual junk."

The master turns to him and looks him in the eye and says, "What do you know of this? You are an absolute fool. You know nothing!" He says this infront of all the other people. The guy becomes enraged and he turns red and he is shaking with anger. And the master says, "Wait a minute, sir. If the word of mine has the power to make you turn red and shake with anger, why should not a word also have the power to heal?"

Word have tremendous power -- words of wisdom, words from the heart!

Re: Story Time 7 - Power of Word

The power of the word is intense. Mother herself talks about it when she descriebd the power of Japa (repition of the name of God)
So often we say words when we are angry or hurt, each of the words act like a sword and often serve to hurt the person who said the word and the person who heard it.
Vriju, it is wonderful that story time is back to the courtyard.

A question for all of us here "what is more powerful, a word or a thought?"

Re: Re: Story Time 7 - Power of Word

I feel word is more powerful than thought because once it is said can not be changed. Virju dada, I love your stories, this particular story one can practice everyday.

Re: Re: Re: Story Time 7 - Power of Word

Dear Shakuntala and Paritosh,
Wonderful to see you in the courtyard!

Word gives expression to thought. Thought, therefore precedes the Word. Thinking a 'thought' without giving it expression limits its effect -- wholesome or unwholesome as the case may be; its effect is confined to the thinker. When a thought is expressed through speech, it affects all those who receive it. Its effect varies according to the manner and spirit in which the spoken word is received.

Both have their power. Thought is subtle. Sri Ramakrishna speaks about thought, speech, and action. When our speech and actions match with our thoughts, we get the vision of Reality or God.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Story Time 7 - Power of Word

I would be bold and say that the thought is more powerful than the word. Since it is the thought that gives birth to the word. However the relationship is not that simple. As soon as the thought starts it takes shape in the form of the word (both spoken and unspoken)
In spiritual life if we can channel our thoughts towards the Supreme Goal then we automatically move away from the lower aspects of our being. AS Sri Ramakrishna would say as you move to wards the Eat the West is automatically left behind.
May Mother guide our thoughts towards Her today and always