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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: Surmounting doubts in spiritual life

Brother Paritosh,
I must agree with all that Brother Vriju has said.
I especially collaborate with the idea of silence being the key, but is this an outer silence or an inner silence?
What I am doing by degrees is learning to rely on the word of the Mother/Guru. I know that the words she has said are true (at about the level of my brain), but are they REALLY true? If they are then we have absolutely nothing to worry about except to develop courage, forebearance and patience with ourselves. And by degrees to discover that deep, deep inner place where we know who we are without second.

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Re: Re: Surmounting doubts in spiritual life

Sister Rosemary,
It is the inner silence.

Are the words REALLY true? One must test them in one's life and see for oneself.

Yes, we must keep on purifying our heart with courage, forbearance, and patience.

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