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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: Navaratri: Day Nine (2)

Vriju has expressed some of the emotions I am feeling about how these days have passed. Each day of Navratra the children from all over the world gathered around the courtyard and took joy in celebrating these days together.

I was feeling sad and upset that these days are going to end and that we will no longer have the satsang we had these past days. However, I was reminded of an incident from Mathur’s life.

Mathur was Rani Rasmini’s son-in-law and a householder disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Mathur decided to celebrate Durga Puja when the Master was there. Towards the end of the festival he was asked by the priest to offer pranam before the statue was to be immersed in the Ganga. Mathur was angry and refused to let it happen. He was ready to continue with puja everyday. Quickly they called Sri Ramakrishna and told him about the situation. The Master walked into Mathur’s room and as soon as Mathur saw him said “No Father, I will not let them take away the Mother” The Master told him, “Are you afraid that the Mother will no longer be with you? The Mother has accepted your offerings these past days in the statue but from now on She will accept your offerings seated in your heart. Can the Mother be away from her son?”

In a similar way I want to reassure myself that the Mother is always seated in our hearts and accepting our offerings. We are all Her children, can She ever stay away from us. I have enjoyed these 9 days and would look forward daily for the postings. May the Mother bless each one of us is my prayer to Her.

Re: Re: Navaratri: Day Nine (2)

I know you all join me in expressing our deep gratitude to sister Jayanti for her devotion and tireless effort in creating and maintaining the Holy Mother's Courtyard where we can all join together in a cyberspace sat-sang and inspire one another.

May the Divine Mother shower Her choicest blessings on our dearest sister Jayanti is my prayer!

Thank you sister Jayanti.

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