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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: Re: Swamiji in America

Thanks for the reminder of that one, Paritosh. Again am not certain, but think that if one checks the dates it's even more interesting as Swamiji was but 19 at the time.

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I do not remember this story but know another one. Ofcourse very possible for Swamiji to do that.

There was a disciple of Parahamsa Yogananda author of “Autobiography of a Yogi” One of Yogananda’ disciples met Swamiji on his visit to the US (Parahamsa Yogananda came to the US many decades after Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi). At that time the young man requested Swamiji to accept him as a disciple. Swamiji told him “my child I am not your guru. You will find your Guru later who will present you with a jar and will fill your heart (not sure of real words). This person met Yogananda and was accepted as his disciple. Years later when Yogananda went to India he got this disciple a jar as a present for this disciple. When the disciple received the gift of a jar he has tears in his eyes and retold this story. He had thought that Swamiji had meant the jar figuratively.