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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Under Mother's protection

Dear Brandon, This is a tough one.

First, a motherly concern. Certainly you feel comfort having stood up for Ma. But is your future secure? If you wanted too, do you think you can return to the job you liked? Or another? I think Mother would have these concerns, as you must be having them too.

I recall one a friend saying to me that we had "made Sri Sarada Devi Into more than she really was. I was hurt to the quick, for Ma...then...I remembered, Who is our Mother? She is our own, OUR own. She is also Mahamaya. Even in her lifetime Mother hid behind the veil of modesty, playing the roll of simple village woman. Swamiji said that even his brother disciples had not realized who Mother is. If this is so, will some fundamentalist Christian or otherwise skeptic person understand without Mother reveiling herself to them if She chooses?

I am also reminded of Swamiji's distress when seeing a temple of the Divine Mother in ruin, He thought, "If I had been present I would have protected..." Just as the thought came to him he heard a voice saying, "My son, do you protect me, or do I protect you? " Swamiji immediately realized that he had it backwards.

My concern goes to your future, as we know your heart is fine! What a brave act, and yet will you be all right in this life where jobs are needed. A swami once told me to keep these needs into account. In my case, it involved not taking on a job I didn't need just for the sake of working, but he said that if I needed a job, it would be a different situation.

I feel like I'm rambling. What I would say in these situations is, trust Mother, and trust yourself. Others probably won't see Ma. And from their limited viewpoint, Jesus will be "the only way". Not meaning any malice, but Christianity doesn't often give its followers more than a superficial basis for faith. Hence we are a 'threat' and the way they know how to defend is through 'attack' or through 'praying for us.' The latter IS the more difficult to swallow, I think, because it does overlook who we are as a person. Yet, again, much of Christianity doesn't emphasize character in the way we do. But I think you were wise to address your feelings from the standpoint of character, because character is what should count, not one's professed religion.

I don't know if I've written anything helpful. My Mother clearly guide and protect this brave son.

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Om go-matre namah!

Good morning everyone . . . Please excuse the subject change.

I ventured here today with two missions. The first was a conscious choice made in order to share in inspirational talk of Ma and her many forms and also to see old friends in action so to speak. The second one, which arose as I read the messages here in the courtyard, quickly surfaced in response to the sincere and divine love present. I've a confession to make to any who care to hear. Today I quit my job, and looking back on that action in and of itself, I feel alright. However, being one of severe self-criticism, I discover "my mind" replaying the event and the way in which it manifested. This fully understands the notion that all which manifests around me through the people around me merely serve as a mirror in which I am fortunate enough to glimpse the very areas in which I myself need to improve upon. A trick of maya I suppose, albeit a lucrative one. Anyway, here is what happened. I work for a wonderful person who has been a great boss for some years now. He, and the company in its entirety, are heavily steeped in the Christian Faith, although the job itself has nothing to do with Christianity. I've always respected my boss's path and have often times found it inspirational to my own relationship with MA. Well, today, I was speaking with a co-worker whom is also a Christian. We were discussing psychic abilities and what the Bible says and I was mostly in disagreement with what she had to report. It was harmless. Another Christian worker piped in in response to Divine Ma ( I had brought her up in some shape or form, thus introducing the topic of her love). The co-worker proceeded to demonize her (she is a false prophet) and talk on and on about it. That too was ok, after all, I've heard time and again that one should stick to one's path with complete faith. Anyway to make this shorter, it was something that my boss said that struck my heart in a strange way, thus initiating my walk-out. "I hope and pray that God finds YOUR heart, because it is through Jesus and Jesus alone that one finds God." or something to that extent was spoken. I know, a huge ego bash to me, after all can't everyone see that I'm a devotee of MA!!???? Well, I quit and find myself telling my boss of what I think of discernment. I felt as though he did not see me for who i really am. I told him that. But inside i was screaming at myself "So what??" Anyway, I said goodbye to everyone and left feeling a bit discombobulated. Now, my question to all devotees in the courtyard, "Is there ever a point at which one must stand up for one's faith in Ma? In the end isn't it just Ma challenging you face to face anyway??" Respond only if you would like . . .Thanks for listening to me whine . . . Om bhogayai namah!!!

Mother is with you

Dear Brandon:

I have read your note. Here are my thoughts.

Mother is always with you and within you whatever path you take. This job, another job or no job She has taken your responsibility. Know that and be very very secure in that knowledge.

Mother never asked her son’s to be foolish but would always work within the system. In the deep villages of Bengal when caste restrictions were part of life and her children could not have a meal together all She said was “Ah these restrictions” She then asked her sons to get “muri” puffed rice and jalepi (an Indian sweet) about which there were no caste restrictions offered it to Thakur and then saw all her children eat it together. This example is just to illustrate what I perceive the Mother would have done.

I have realized God and neither have I received a mandate from Her/Him so who am I to tell the Christian whether his path is right or wrong. I have stood firm in my beliefs and not wanted to have anyone think the way I do. When the time is ripe it will happen. You have to do what your inner voice tells you to.

You have come to the courtyard pouring your heart out, which requires courage. Say all this and everything to the Mother. Mother HAS always listened to the sincere prayer of her children. She herself has said about her relationship with her children.

I would encourage you to go to your shrine or space, pour it at Mother’s feet and offer it all to Her. The wait … wait patiently still your mind and heart and you will hear her talk to you. Read and re read every bit of literature you have on the Mother and you will often find your answer there.

But most of all I would again repeat as I started, know Mother is with you and within you. Let Her alone be your guide.

May Mother bless us all as we take the journey innerwards.

Re: Mother is with you (some typos)


3rd paragraph should read "I have NOT realized God."

5th para should read "then wait... wait...."