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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Mother is with you

Dear Brandon:

I have read your note. Here are my thoughts.

Mother is always with you and within you whatever path you take. This job, another job or no job She has taken your responsibility. Know that and be very very secure in that knowledge.

Mother never asked her son’s to be foolish but would always work within the system. In the deep villages of Bengal when caste restrictions were part of life and her children could not have a meal together all She said was “Ah these restrictions” She then asked her sons to get “muri” puffed rice and jalepi (an Indian sweet) about which there were no caste restrictions offered it to Thakur and then saw all her children eat it together. This example is just to illustrate what I perceive the Mother would have done.

I have realized God and neither have I received a mandate from Her/Him so who am I to tell the Christian whether his path is right or wrong. I have stood firm in my beliefs and not wanted to have anyone think the way I do. When the time is ripe it will happen. You have to do what your inner voice tells you to.

You have come to the courtyard pouring your heart out, which requires courage. Say all this and everything to the Mother. Mother HAS always listened to the sincere prayer of her children. She herself has said about her relationship with her children.

I would encourage you to go to your shrine or space, pour it at Mother’s feet and offer it all to Her. The wait … wait patiently still your mind and heart and you will hear her talk to you. Read and re read every bit of literature you have on the Mother and you will often find your answer there.

But most of all I would again repeat as I started, know Mother is with you and within you. Let Her alone be your guide.

May Mother bless us all as we take the journey innerwards.

Re: Mother is with you (some typos)


3rd paragraph should read "I have NOT realized God."

5th para should read "then wait... wait...."