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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Storms in Life

Jai Ma!! Anthony and Paritosh, and it isn't that i disagree on the topic of suffering . . . and no doubt death has affected us all as well. Your points are well taken. Perhaps this path which Ma has so graciously adorned me with has thus far been one of relative comfort . . . I'm not truly sure. What the loss of a loved is to one may not be the same to another. Suffering exists yes, the way that one goes about assimilating, digesting and utilizing the knowledge and experience of sufferng differs. While one may wallow and question the existance of god at all during times of exceptionally harsh suffering, another may gain instantaneous enlightenment via the same experience. Point being, why go on saying "yes suffering exists, it always has and will and suffering will most likely play a gigantic role in my present incarnation etc.?" We are divine beings are we not??? Yes Ma is the absolute and somewhere in there Ma smiles to think that we attempt to stand on our own two feet and struggle to attain the skill in order to place one foot in front of the other. Shakyamuni, having seeing the four conditions of suffering, left his royal abode and sat down under the bodhi tree vowing not to rise again until reaching enlightenment. What did it take, something like 6 or 7 years? Anthony, does the love that Ma provides ever diminish to any degree??? Love is what binds this universe, as well as ever universe in the cosmos together. How can that ever fade?? What fades is our control of the ego, which constantly reiterates the idea that suffering must prevail over the spiritual. Even the word suffering itself, good or bad, light or dark??? none of these, none of these

neti neti neti. Thanks for listening to me speak of things that I truly am ignorant of. Talking to myself again. Jai Ma peace and love to all.

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Suffering is a part of life. No one has lived in this world that has not felt pain and undergone suffering.

Once a devotee of Buddha who lost her only young son came to him and asked him to grant life after this son had died. Buddha said he could do so if she got a handful of mustard seeds from any house where death had not occurred. The lady was overjoyed and ran to get the seeds from a house in the village. However, at every house that she knocked on she found that death had visited that house too. She returned to Buddha empty handed only to realize that death is inevitable.

Just as we talk about death we talk about suffering. No one whether they have Mother in their lives or not have not experienced suffering. Swamiji in “Inspired Talks” tells us that suffering comes more often and in rapid succession to those people who progress in spiritual life.

How we use these sufferings in our lives then determines what path life will take. May I always rush to the Mother for strength and support is my prayer to Her.