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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: some randome thoughts

I do not know where people go to in cyberspace.
I have heard you say that you miss your friend before and it does seem to ache your heart. Perhaps he does not feel welcome, or perhaps he has some personal issues to work out and needs to go off by himself for awhile. I do not know the answer, but it makes things harder here, because silence does not always mean the same thing, as when there is also darshan.

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Re: Re: some random thoughts

Thanks for your words of support and I can understand the silence. But 2 years of silence?

I did not follow your last sentence when you wrote " ... as when there is also darshan." Could you clarify?

Re: Re: Re: some random thoughts

2 years is a long time. Maybe there is a way to find him. I looked for old posts but mine only go back to
2004. Maybe his computer died. Maybe he is laying on the beach in Goa. I'm not being flip, but things do happen.
I looked up the word "darshan" to see if I were using it correctly. My interpretation has always been "in the presence of the guru" but when I looked it up in the Hindu glossary it said, "seeing: vision". I don't know if it was correct, but what I meant was... that there are different silences, and sometimes the guru looks at you with silence, and it is very different than seeing empty silence on the internet.
We can hear each other and that is all, so silence,here to me means nothing, or just "No comment or reply." That is how I see it.
I have a copy of the "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna" but let me know if you'd rather start with the other and I will order it.
Today is my birthday, and there has been celebration all day at work, and the family will be doing it up the weekend, so if you reply, I will reply as soon as I can. Just to let you know, I'll be back.

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Happy B'Day

Dear Rosemary,
Happy B'day to you. I wish you many more years of happiness and bliss.

Re: Re: Re: some random thoughts

Yes, a very blessed birthday, Rosemary!

Paritosh and I have often thought of Anthony. The way he disappeared has never felt quite right. Frankly, I have felt as if he may have come to harm. We have tried to contact him once we realized he was 'missing', but his email address stopped working.

In the end we are forced, as always, to leave everything in Mother's hands.

Many years ago there was another of Mother's sons who 'disappeared'. He was in the service and would post often. Then, too, I had to give any concern over to Mother. Still, it is natural to think of missed friends, sisters, brothers from time to time.

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Re: some randome thoughts

Maybe we should ask Jayanti first if it is okay with her, as she sustains this site.

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