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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Of course Ma is really doing it

“Of course Ma is doing it really”

What a wonderful thought and concept. If only we sincerely and truly believed it!!!

I think that once we say these words and meditate on the meaning of this sentence it will guide us towards the goal, allowing us to look at things in a different perspective.

If Ma is doing “it” then

1. It will be done

2. Its not my responsibility

3. It will be done perfectly


1. In the total sense of the world

2. Not part of an overactive imagination

3. Faith that Mother exists and is the “doer”

It reminds me of the song that Sri Ramakrishna would sing

“O Mother, all is done after Thine sweet will;

Thou art in truth self-willed, Redeemer of mankind!

Thou workest Thine own work; only men call it theirs”

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Yet again, thanks. Was not interested in hearing the usual stuff about men and women. Also appreciate your humility. However it all works out, ofcourse Ma is doing it really. You are a truly liberal and open person; respect! Sorry if i'm embarrassing you there..

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What has beauty or the sex of a person got to do with spiritual life? Both these are externals and in no way are essential for spiritual life. When the time is ripe the circumstances will move towards your sharing your thoughts with the person. While talking face to face is often more effective, communication by words (letters/emails) give the person time and space to explore these very issues at their own pace and within their own space. When a person is “ready” the help and interaction come on their own. The fundamental issue is how sincere we are in leading the life.

I often freely express my thoughts and ideas in the courtyard, I am in no way in a better position to advice, I like to share and draw strength from it but apart from that, I need to reach there/that state myself before I can tell anyone how I got there.

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Thanks as ever for introducing a new and interesting topic.

Can anyone advise me on a certain situation that 'this' is in; have

met a very spiritual person, but she is female and also very beautiful - am aware of the teachings, but this is a slight dilemma:

to give her the Truth, but that has to be face to face, or to back away? This is a complex issue that maybe some other Children find themselves in.

P.S: bk, am not receiving any mail. why not ? Love and Joy,


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The flame of faith burns in each one of us. Yet this flame all doesn’t always shine this bright. There are so many times that the flame dwindles and the light gets dimmed.

Just a few days ago, I was undergoing an experience and felt very bad and did not know what to do. Just was too tired to read and the courtyard was also silent.

“Hang in there” was what I told myself.

Time moved on like everything and this too passed. I then thought maybe someone here could come up with some practical hints as to how to move on. Or do we just take it as part of the game?