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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Re: December

What a lovely thought, Paritosh. As we worship Mother on Her birthday this year, let's each offer a flower on behalf of Her children everywhere.

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December is a special month to me. There is a personal celebration that I share with this month but over the years it has also evolved as a month where we celebrated Mother’s birthday. We will all be celebrating the Mother’s birthday this year on December 26. While there is sometime for the Mother’s birthday, people all over the world are getting ready for it. At Sarada Math in Dakshineshwar some people will receive their final vows and become Sanyasinis. In Jayrambati where Mother was born, there will be special puja and devotees would come to have darshan. It would be one of the biggest days at the Mothers House (Udbhodhan) in Calcutta. (All these places have web sites with pictures to have a virtual darshan)

Once on her birthday, after all had offered flowers to her feet, Mother called one of her sons and said “Offer some more flowers on behalf of all my children both known and unknown”. I like to think that one of those flowers that day was from all the children here in the courtyard. May we always feel the presence of the Mother in our hearts accepting all our offerings.