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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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The week end is here now, and lots of things are coming my way..Mother Help me meet each one of the new things..
I am a musican, and next
Thursday I go to play in Austin, Texas for three days. Bars and night clubs are test, of course, for my staying strong and keeping Her in the mind..She is in the heart, but Oh, that mind!
My partner of five years is moving in with me on Sunday..that, too is a great test..I have been living on my own for a long time. I pray Mother will bless the relationship...our strength will come from Her. My house is being sold..which could mean I might loose the house, where I have lived 21 years. (I rent), and my best friend of 25 years is moving to Ann I am seeing things do what things do..change!
Jai Ma..Let it all keep coming..just pray for me, my friends..Strong.Let me be Strong!
Have a wonderful Sat. and Sunday.
All is done by Thy sweet will---

Location: san Francisco. ca. USA

Re: Ch..Ch..Changes--

So many changes, Gary!

The spiritual reminder, of course, is that all is changing, everything is temporary and transitory. While it is good to have this idea tucked in our awareness, most of us find change extremely challenging, not without cause. We instinctively want to resist change in our misplaced search for the Unchanging.

You are blessed, Gary. In the midst of so many changes, you have Mother and are willing to have her "keep (it) all coming".) As you try to hold on to her, remember also that she is your Strength. You are not alone.

Our thought are with you.

Location: san Diego, California, USA

Re: Ch..Ch..Changes--

Good luck Gary. You are very blessed.

Location: North Carolina

Re: Re: Ch..Ch..Changes--

The only constant in life is change. Yet with Mother at the center all change will be beneficial and a source of growth.

When you play anywhere, remember Mother is listening. She is Sarada, Saraswati, the Goddess of Music and Learning. What more can a musician ask?

She will control the mind do not fear or worry. You have placed Her in your heart, of course she will control the mind too. Take Her with you to Austin and let Her be there. Sometimes when I am nervous about something, I take a tangible object, like a flower offered in a Shrine or a small locket with the Mother or a picture hidden in my wallet and when I am worried hold tight to the physical object which then gives me much needed mental strength.

You are starting a new phase of life with your partner and your anxiety is natural. Mother will bless your relationship but try and go to Her as a couple. Can both of you stand in front of your altar and offer Her a silent prayer? Offer something to the Mother, a flower or incense to Her and know She has accepted it and had blessed both of you and your relationship too.

Regarding the house and friend, another reason to turn it to the Mother. When I am scared, I run to my shrine and offer it all at Mother’s feet. Sri Ramakrishna has taught us how to pray. “Mother, I am scared, I am your child, hold me through this change”

You appear to feel weak yet in each word of your post, your connection to the Mother is evident. When anyone has such a strong connection that connection is devotion, and for a devotee there is no fear. Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Geeta talks about this very connection as a means to realization.

You will be in all our thoughts and prayers after all like you we too have so much change going on yet you have the courage to come out and share it with all of us. Mother is with you all the way through all the changes.

She is the only constant thing in life. May we all develop that understanding.

Re: Re: Re: Ch..Ch..Changes--

I am very happy to have read all the really beautiful notes you sweet Mother's children have sent to me..thank you....yes, in my shrine this morning, as i was reading a devoted child's prayer to Mother, i was thinking of you all in the 'yard' of Her's..i send you all my prayers. lucky I am..
I feel so close to Her..finding this, is blessed..
If She can Love somebody like me...!!
Jaya Jaya Mata Jagadambe!!!

Location: san Francisco. ca. USA