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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

Used courtesy of the Vedanta Society of Southern California

Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Many thanks to Paritosh and Jayanti for their beautiful and inspiring messages. So many days of celebration in one week! In less than 12 hours it will be new year, and in many other countries also, so would just like to wish all the Children all over the world a joyous and fruitful year ahead.

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Paritosh has gottten to Mother's Courtyard before me! How blessed we are! I think no one will laugh, Paritosh. You and Anthony and each of us speak our hearts in Mother's Courtyard. And in so doing, we often speak the heart of each other.

It has just now become Mother's Birthday here in California.

Earlier today, Christmas, I went out and bought roses. I gave them (in a vase) to Mother today, because it was Christmas and because I wanted them to be there in the morning, greeting Mother to say


As your children gather around in love today, Mother, may your light shine on each, warming us and bringing inner peace.

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Today is Holy Mother’s birthday.


All over the world people are celebrating this auspicious day. For us here in the courtyard it is “the day”. There is a flood of emotions and thoughts that come to me as I write and I shall try to tame and translate them into coherent thoughts. While people may laugh at me, I know that the Mother knows my heart and will understand. She will probably smile and look at me. What more can I ask?

I would like to echo Anthony’s thoughts when he mentioned celebrating Christmas in Japan where it is neither a holiday nor are people aware of it. I am in a situation today where I will not meet anyone else who is aware of this day. Yet this day always will have a special meaning to me and I will try to make it so. I will spend time reading or thinking about the Mother. Think about her life, the special ways She made a difference to everyone but more importantly how She continues to make a difference in my life. I will come to the courtyard and once again mingle with children here to celebrate this day.

There is one thought, which reverberates while I write these words. Mother IS present and is always with Her children wherever they are, in Japan, USA, UK or India. She lives within each one of us guiding and protecting us all the time. The relationship with Her is eternal and She has promised that She will take care of each one of us. She constantly prayed for Her children even at the end, towards her last illness. I always remind myself that we are Her children and gather here in the courtyard. We are bound to Her and through Her alone do we have our identity and relationship. When we all are here because of Her, we are Her children, big or small, male or female, young or old. When we are Her children, then She has promised that She will take care of each one of us. When we know and are aware that Mother will take care of us then whether another soul knows it is Her birthday or not the thoughts about our eternal relationship with Her will keep us company and ensure that the day will have its significance.

Today, I offer flowers to Mother on behalf of all Her children here in the courtyard. May we always be aware of our eternal relationship with Her.

Happy Birthday Mother!!