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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Jayanti’s post made me think about the concept of Kalpatru day. “Kalpatru” is a mystical tree which grants any wish asked of it. On that day Sri Ramakrishna was like a wish-fulfilling tree.

However, with the Mother she is always a Kalpatru to her children. Whatever her children ask for, She fulfills that wish. Once while in Dakshineshwar, there was a lady who requested Mother to allow her to take food for Thakur. This lady was not the purest of people and Sri Ramakrishna was unable to take the food. He went to the Nahabat where the Mother lived and spoke to her about this lady. He asked her to promise him that she would never let that woman get any food for him, since he was unable to eat food which was previously touched by impure people. The Mother, folded her hands and told Sri Ramakrishna and said “I will not be able to promise you that. I cannot resist if anyone calls me Mother.”

The Mother is Kalpatru tree that grants the wishes of her children and this is all the time. She has confessed that she is unable to hold herself when anyone calls her “Mother”

What else can we ask?

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New Year's Day has soecial significance within the Ramakrishna tradition. It is the day Thakura gave liberation and spiritual experience to devotees who were present that day. It was outside, at the cossipore Garden House. Thakur left his body later that same year. When I went to India in 1991, I was able to sit in my wheelchair at almost the exact place Thakur had been!

So along with Paritosh,I wish Mother's blessings for each of her chirdren. May this day bring a rekindling of our faith and inspire a reaffirmation of our love an devotion.

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Mother, please bless each of your children with love, devotion and faith.

Please accept pranams from your children here in the courtyard and all over the world