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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Book Club- First Series, Sarayubala Devi Jan- Feb 1911

The first series starts in January 1911 and is about meeting the Mother for the first time. For 15 years Saryubala has been living in Calcutta but today she will get a chance to meet the Mother. For most of us we expect that we will get results immediately. It requires patience before one may get darshan of the Mother. Silently I ask, How many years before you grant me your darshan?

Another place is when Sarayubala describes the Mother. She paints a vivid picture of the Mother, which we after almost 100 years can see in our meditation.

She writes, “She was standing with one foot at the door-sill and the other on the door-mat. There was no veil on her head. Her left arm was raised high and placed on the door, while the right one was hanging by the side. The upper part of her body was bare. She had been looking wistfully as if expecting somebody”

The Mother is always waiting for Her children and I always imagine Her waiting for all of us. In fact let us imagine Mother standing at the door and listening to all of us here in cyber space meeting and talking about Her Gospel. Know that She is present here.

The next meeting on 12th Feb 1911, to me describes Mother's warmth and her attitude of “no one is a stranger my child everyone is your own”

Sarayubala writes, “The Mother said with great tenderness, ‘ It seems, my child, as if I have met you many a time before, as if we know each other a long time.’”

What a wonderful thought and doesn’t Mother know each one of us and yet we think we have not met Mother before. The next paragraph Saryubala talks about the concern Mother has, would her daughter go down the steps alone? Or would she like the Mother to accompany her? She is concerned like a mother would be but we should remember that Mother is not only our mother but She is the Divine Mother and is our destination.

For me a simple yet significant sentence, specifically for us here in the courtyard in what Mother tells Sarayubala at the end of the visit, “Come another day in the morning” She is asking each one of us to come again here in the courtyard and visit Her, feel Her presence and spend time among Her children.

Jai Ma.

Re: Book Club- First Series, Sarayubala Devi Jan- Feb 1911

Thank you, Paritosh. This is a truly beautiful beginning. How richly detailed is the description Sarayubala is as if I can see Mother standing before us.

A thought flashed through my mind as I read the dates associated with this post. My Grandmother was 10 years old at this time. Ten! She was 19 the year Mother left the body. Had she been blessed to meet Mother, Grandmother was of an age to have come to know her well. She, Mother, and Sarayubala were contemporaries! How much nearer in time this realization brings Mother to my own life on earth... Jai jai, Ma!

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