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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Book Club First Series, 14th May

The entry for 14th May 1911 opens with sweetness that is felt in the presence of the Mother.

“I was thinking all the time about you. Why have you not come all these days?”

I always like to think this message is Universal. How often we are busy with our own lives and have no time to come to visit the Mother. Yet during this time, the Mother has continued to think about us and inquires, why my child, have you not come to visit me?

The entry continues and slowly the writer is drawn into doing the Mothers work. She starts teaching the alphabet in a girl’s school. I believe it is the Mother’s blessings that the writer gets this opportunity.

The interaction in this entry that touches me the most is when the Mother rushes to cool her daughter when she comes to visit Her. Mother fans her daughter and then offers her some water and some sweets. The writer continues, “Watching me partake them, she became happy.” We can feel Mother's happiness while She is taking care of the writer.

Jai Ma.

Courtyrd Book Club -- Pausing to Read, Taking Time to Reflect, and Continuing On

Does anyone have thoughts the entry dated 14th May, 1911?

We can always return to a section or passage at a later time. As Sri Ramakrishna gave the example of the cow chewing her cud slowly, so are we to give ourselves time to reflect on our readings about Mother and her teachings. We will find, mostly likely, that our understanding of a particular passage will change over time as our insight deepens.

Meanwhile, Paritosh has suggested that we continue to read the First Series especially the entry dated 3rd August 1911 and the next entry which is undated.

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Courtyard Book Club -- A Practical Teaching of Vedanta

From pages 14-15 of my edition of the Gospel of Holy Mother:

The old lady (who was visiting Mother) said, "Sri Ramakrishna gave us many instructions. But we have carried out very few of them. Had we followed his advice, we would not have suffered so much in world. We are attached to the world and are are always running after this or that work."

[Sound familiar?]

The Mother said, replying, "On must do some work. Through work alone can one remove the bandage of work, not by avoiding work. Total detachment comes later on. One should not be without work even for a moment."

[Comments? How might this be?]

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