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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Courtyard Book Club 3rd Aug 1911

Today Sarayubala takes us on a journey where she received initiation from the Mother. The Mother gives initiation to her daughter who has received a mantra in a dream.

The Mother then blesses her “May you attain devotion to God” I would like to draw attention to the words. Mother does not just say May you have devotion but “attain” devotion which to me means that devotion is a process, a journey we need to undertake. It might be a destination but it is a process. Along with the ups and downs in spiritual life we need to remember that attaining devotion is also a process and takes time. For me this scene when the author receives initiation reminds me of the day I was blessed too.

The next entry, the author does some reading in front of the Mother from the Mahabharata. When the conversation drifts to daily duties the Mother adds a simple rejoinder. “Always be engaged in some work or the other. It is conductive to the health of both the body and the mind” I think these simple but real situations that the Mother lived in gives us a glimpse of living the life. There is no difference between the so called secular and spiritual life. They both need to become one and when we work with that attitude then our work itself becomes our sadhana.

What other thoughts have come to your mind when reading the selection?

Re: Courtyard Book Club 3rd Aug 1911

I do not grasp the passage, "I am giving you the
fruit, but it is the FRUIT of the gift that belongs to you." I believe this has some significance that
I do not understand. Can anyone help me with this?

Location: North Carolina

Re: Re: Courtyard Book Club 3rd Aug 1911

The word fruit means two things here. In the first sentence Mother means the physical fruit and the second sentence by fruit she means the effect the effect or consequence of the action. So I think what Mother is telling the priest on the banks of the Ganges is that the fact you are getting a gift from me (the Mother) is a blessing. Sarayubala then goes on to say “Ah! The priest could hardly realize who made this gift.”