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"Holy Mother" painted by Swami Tadatmananda

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Dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi
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Here in the Courtyard

This is not a new thing to say, but I can't help being struck yet again by how peaceful and powerful it is, just sitting here ! Thankyou Mother and everyone who sits here in the Courtyard.

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Re: Here in the Courtyard

Hey, Anthony, hope you are well. I'm still reading,
"Gospel" It's going a little slow. But there is probably a reason for that. As I read, I try to imagine myself in Mother's presence, and how would I behave. I wonder if I would be one that she would say, "Come" or if she would say, "You may salute at a distance".

Good to hear from you.

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Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

I wonder the same thing, sometimes...however since the body is no more, i think She says "come--". As such a worldly person..i am sure i would not have even tried to touch Her Holy Feet. I am reading everyday and finding how wonderful She is and how She stays in my heart..even if i don't always act it....funny, though...I always try and remember..I Have a Mother..!
Love to you all--

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Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

Dear aspirants,
However dirty the child is, if the Mother doesn't pick us up, then who will?

We go about thinking ...oh I am so impure...oh I have these terrible, evil thoughts.....but know in the depth of your heart that "You have a Mother" as Holy Mother herself says it.

She is Ever-Protecting us. Have Faith (I tell that to myself too) and Go forward, taking Her Blessed Name.

With best regards.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

Van has echoed my own thoughts -- or rather the words of Holy Mother herself, which arose in my mind also.

We know from countless accounts that no one ever felt rejected by Holy Mother or unworthy of her Mother's love, which is often said to have felt greater and deeper than that of their own loving mother. This is important to note: Holy Mother's love was contrasted to the very best in human love, not the worst. It is not that her love fills a need. Rather, her love opens us to our own highest potential.

So we must take care not to assume our own limited understanding and assumptions explain Mother's actions or limit her all-accepting love.

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Re: Here in the Courtyard

One should never assume an understanding of Mothers' feelings, motives, etc until perfect realization is attained. We have a tendency to endow her with our own projections. Once we realize in full and tried to explain, no doubt, we would not be believed by the majority. However, that said, in reading the book, I want to BE there with her, in fact, in truth, I feel that I AM there with her. Her actions speak to us,
and without trying to project, (which I don't THINK
I am doing), but in an effort to UNDERSTAND, I question, and so try to ask my brothers and sisters for feedback. There is some reason, that Mother would ask to sprinkle Holy Water on the floor after the departure of certain devotees, just as she asked to sprinkle Holy Water on Prasada that a leaf had blown onto. I am never implying that she does not LOVE.

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Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

RE: "One should never assume an understanding of Mothers' feelings, motives, etc until perfect realization is attained"

In my humble opinion, there is no need to risk any assumptions concerning Holy Mother. Her simple, holy life and teachings have been well documented.

Here is a beautiful quote from the little book, entitled:
"In The Company of The Holy Mother", available at all
Vedanta Centres:

Swami Arupananda:

Udbodhan, 1 May, 1912 (Full Moon Day of VaishAkha):

I had gone to read Mother's letters to her in the morning.....I said, "The daughter of a disciple has written from her husband's home wishing to come here. She has sent her respects and does not wish her in-laws to know that she has written."

"Then there is no need to reply," Mother said, "I do not appreciate this hide-and-seek. At Jayrambati, Jogendra the postman used to write our letters. Many people said, 'What! The postman reads your letters!' But why not? I have nothing to hide; anybody who likes may see my letters."


Swami Arupananda:

Udbodhan, 8 February, 1912: Mother was talking about her life at Dakshineswar:

"For a while I had a maid called Jadu's mother. An old woman would visit us, who had formerly led an evil life but prayed to God in her old age. I was so much alone that when she came I would talk with her. One day the Master saw us and said, 'Why let her in here?' I answered, 'She speaks good words nowadays, all about God. What's the harm? people's minds change.' But He said, 'No, No, she is a prostitute, why talk with her? However changed she may be, avoid her.' He forbade any conversation with such people in case they had a bad influence over me. That was how he protected me from harm.

"Once Ramji Roy came to see him at Karmarpukur. He was not a good man, and when he had gone, the Master cried, 'Dig away a basketful of earth from that place.' When nobody paid any heed he took the spade himself and dug up some earth from the spot, saying, 'Even the earth becomes impure where they sit.'"

With Love from Web Admin Nahabat Guestbook

Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

Dear Ma,

Your ways are glorious and mysterious as well. We are so shrouded in maya that we are looking at every thing through our small window. Please bless us.

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Re: Here in the Courtyard

Thank you, Web Admin. These two examples speak to some very important issues in my life. I appreciate it.

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Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

"Hers is the glory; we are only Her instruments."

Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

It is interesting to see that in the second example, where Mother had been talking to the former prostitute, it is the Master Himself who forbids it.. As Nag Mahasaya so memorably said:"Mother is kinder than Father!"

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

Mother admits that she was alone and was
therefore eager for company.

The Master was showing His infinite
kindness to her; knowing full well,

“One may wash a cup that contains garlic many times,
but the smell of garlic will not leave the cup"

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Here in the Courtyard

Here is the whole quote from the Sri Sri
Ramakrishna Kathamrita:

“One may wash a cup that contains garlic many times, but the smell of garlic will not leave the cup. The boys who have not touched ‘lust and gold’ are pure vessels. When a person is rubbed with the garlic of ‘lust and gold’ for a considerable time, the smell of garlic persists in him.

“They are like mangoes pecked at and defiled by crows. Such a mango cannot be offered to Bhagavan. It is suspect even for personal use. It is as different as new earthen pots and the pots in which milk was once turned into curds. It is not safe to keep pure milk in vessels that once contained curds. The chances are that the milk will turn sour."